How To Be The Perfect Mom And Still Have Imperfections.

With Mother’s Day soon approaching I thought now would be a good time to post a thought that crossed my mind yesterday.

When I was pregnant with Ryver, my first, I had so many fears about motherhood. I’m a perfectionist by nature so this was only natural!I feared for his health & well-being and I feared what kind of mother I would turn out to be.

Ryver is now 2 years old and I also have my one-year-old, Lewis as well now. I can honestly say, with no word of a lie, that I am no where near the perfect mother I wished to be. And my kids are not the perfect kids every parent wishes them to be (as I typed this I could hear Ryver in the bedroom screaming, “Poop!” because he just pooped in his underwear instead of using the toilet….again)! But damn, do I love them with everything I’ve got!

Yesterday I was at the park with my boys and something really scary happened, it had me shaken up! I was keeping a close eye on both boys but Lewis was on the slide and Ryver caught the attention of three teenagers crossing the street, and he got the brilliant idea to bolt from me and head for the busy road. I screamed but he kept running. I had to grab Lewis, plop him down on the grass as fast as I could and chase Ryver in my heels, and he still ended up in the road. I was pretty scared and relieved at the same time that thankfully he did not get hit by a car! It happened so fast! I got in my car afterwards and silently prayed to God, saying thank you for keeping him safe! But I felt like a pretty crappy mom!
Later that day we were home and I was dancing with Ryver and watching him have the time of his life laughing and being joyous as we bounced around the room together.

I thought, “This is what being the perfect mom is all about!” There’s going to be mistakes and your kids are going to scare the hell out of you sometimes and sometimes you will be there to save them and other times it will be out of your control. But being the perfect mom is acknowledging that there will be flaws in parenting, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, they are there. What matters is that you give it your all and when you have the chance, you show them how to live. How to have fun, How to love and respect. You give them every opportunity to smile, to laugh. And most importantly, you laugh with them.

Being the perfect parent is about not trying to always “follow the rules”. It’s about raising your children the way you feel is best. Some kids will be brought to Church and some kids will never know what religion is. Some kids will come from very Conservative families and others will be born out of the back of a Volkswagen van with a Peace sign painted on the side of it. Of course, none of that will matter because in the end the moments your children will always remember and cherish and *hopefully* pass on to their kids are the moments you spent playing with them, acknowledging them, teaching them, laughing with them, and dancing with them.

That’s what being the perfect mom, the perfect parent, is all about.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Perfect mommies out there! Have a great weekend ladies!



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