I DO Care What People Think, We All Do!

For the longest time I always thought my biggest problem was caring about what others thought. But I could not be more wrong.

You see, we all care. One way or another we care about what people think. We wonder if they’ll like the gift we bought them. We invite them into our homes, making sure everything is clean so we can make a good impression, because we care. It matters to us what some might think of our new wardrobe or new haircut. We get nervous during public speeches because we care what the crowd thinks.

But there is a fine difference between caring what people think and caring about what they want from us. Sure, once in awhile we can give in. When it’s a birthday present or a new pair of socks. But when others ask of us what just isn’t fair or logical, we should turn it down and we should be wary of those kinds of people. They might want something as simple as a relationship or as complicated as money.

Let them think what they want. But when they start wanting from you more than what you are willing to give, then it’s time to walk away.


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