20 Random Facts About Me…

So the other day my stepmom posted a list of 30 things…so I have decided to take this challenge and let people get to know me better. Today on the list is 1) 20 random facts about me. Enjoy 😉

1. I HATE bugs!! (bees, spiders, any insect with or without wings)

2. I LOVE theatre! Stage management, acting, writing, directing, etc.

3. I have two boys & I love them to death!

4. I love the band One Direction and I you can catch me singing along with Justin Beiber even tho I don’t like him persay, I do like some of his music.

5. I am 5′ feet tall and weigh 110 pounds. I have hazel eyes (not brown!) and blonde hair.

6. My all time fave summer shows are Drop Dead Diva, Rookie Blue, and America’s Got Talent.

7. My fave genre of movies is anything to do with cops/lawyers/Doctors. Like Harry’s Law, Rookie Blue, Drop Dead Diva, Off The Map (off air now), House…etc.

8. I like most genres of music, all depends on my mood and the day. But I have a soft spot for Eminem, Rihanna, Kesha, Hedley and all those modern day musicians.

9. I don’t *mind* summer but it is not my fave season…Autumn is. I hate high heat temperatures and bugs and etc. So Summer isn’t my favorite season.

10. I love to bake but have had to cut down since going Gluten Free (for over a year now)

11. I’m a bit of a Hypochondriac…okay, I’m a HUGE Hypochondriac!

12. I love finding good deals. Can’t stand to spend tons of money on something when I can find it cheaper. However, when it is a gift for someone else I have no qualms about the cost.

13. My favorite meal is Spaghetti & cheese. My favorite color is green. My favorite number is 4. Favorite animal is a horse.

14. I wrote my first book when I was 12.

15. I find people are extremely easy to read. You can know so much about someone in just a few minutes by hearing them speak, watching their body language, hearing them laugh, etc.

16. I love coffee! I also love a good glass of wine. But I live off coffee!!

17. My hair takes forever to grow! It hasn’t been long since I was 11 years old.

18. I used to be a hardcore Christian. I also used to be a Jehovah’s Witness.

19. I still would much prefer to get a letter in the mail than to get a e-mail. A letter says, “I took the time” which translates to me as, “I care about you”.

20. I stopped folding laundry to write this list….because I hate laundry and think it should do it itself!


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