I Am Inspired.

I’m not going to name names but just recently I came across someone who managed to inspire me by simply doing nothing.

This got me to thinking, what is it that is so inspiring about this person?

Well, it’s not too often that you meet someone who seems completely comfortable in their own skin. Comfortable and happy with who they are. And more so, it’s not very often you find someone who even knows who they are yet. We all seem to be on this journey in life trying to figure out who we are. It’s one of the reasons I moved to PEI in 2005 for the first time…to find out who I am…do some soul searching.

This person I am talking about captures your attention when you first meet them because even their style is unique and speaks a lot of who they are. (I say “They” cause I am not going to share the sex of this person! I will just leave everyone guessing and thinking it’s YOU I am talking about.)

For some it takes a lifetime of soul searching to try and find out who they are. For others it is something that simply comes naturally. I think when you let go and just let yourself be who you are naturally, you excel in everything. You stand your ground, you do your job twice as well, and you don’t take crap when you don’t need to. It’s not to say you are perfect or that you won’t have shortcomings or downfalls, but you are able to stand on two feet instead of hopping around on one leg trying to figure out how to get the other one down for an even balance. I respect that. I don’t feel that I have quite reached that point in my life although I do feel I have come a long way! But sometimes it’s hard to let go when you’re not quite sure what you’re holding onto.

This brings me to my next point.

I was also speaking to someone very close to me (still gonna keep you all guessing…no names to share here!) recently and she (I’ll give you that) brought up a good point. Not sure if she realizes it or not but it made a lot of sense. Obviously. She made a point that when we are not happy within ourselves, we try to seek happiness any other way. In other words, sometimes when there is something holding back our own happiness, we try and lay the blame on everyone and everything around us. As if it’s others faults that are making us unhappy, when deep down it’s something about ourselves we’re not happy with and yet we either refuse to face it head on or we simply do not see it.

Happiness, confidence, peacefulness, etc. all comes naturally when we’ve placed both feet on the ground and said, “This is me.” No trying to always please others. No wondering what they think of us. No trying to be someone else. Just simply finding what makes you, YOU, and accepting that and then showing the world that. And in finally doing so you will find that you’re happy and that everything and everyone around you has so much more meaning in your life. You no longer feel the need to soul search because you just, ARE.

It comes at a cost though. May sound easy to just, “Let go” but it’s one of the hardest things we have to do in life because with letting go comes a lot of uncertainty. It means letting go of being in control. Not having that fear of the unknown or the “what ifs”. There is much heartache but also MUCH freedom in such a small act.


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