19 Random Facts About My Past…

1. I cut my hair for the first time when I was 11, and still it wasn’t very long…because my hair grows really slow!

2. I once dated a guy for 16 hours. We broke up because he wanted to kiss me. 🙂

3. An old friend had a nickname for me, “Bible Thumper”, because I was that hardcore of a Christian.

4. When I was a little girl I loved kids so much that I wanted 26 of them!

5. On my first horseback ride (which by the way I LOVE horses) I got stung by a bee. It was traumatizing!

6. I was in my 20’s the the first time I had sex. I share this only because it’s something I am very proud of.

7. My favorite movie (back then) was Father of The Bride. I thought the daughter was so pretty!

8. The first time I wore a bikini was well into my 20’s…I do believe.

9. A couple times in my past (which I would NEVER do again..it was irresponsible!!) I snuck booze into my work and mixed it in OJ or coffee. Again, I would never do this anymore but I thought it was fun back then.

10. One time in BC I was at the Youth Center sitting outside alone and a guy came over to talk to me and I looked at him and he looked EXACTLY like Eminem! I told him this and he responded with, “I get that all the time!” Yup.

11. When I was working in North Hately years ago, I saw Johnny Depp from across the street. They were shooting parts for the movie Secret Window. I’m not realy a fan but it was cool none the less.

12. I got asked out 8 times by one guy and didn’t even know he was asking me out.

13. Everyone pretty well knows this by now, but I crashed into Three Days Grace a few years ago when they came to the Island to perform. Of course, I didn’t know it was them until they were gone.

14. I used to live in a bus converted into a camper with my parents and siblings up on a mountain in BC. That was a very interesting experience!

15. A few years ago when I was waitressing I had a 69 year old male customer (older than my grandfather) come in dressed up with a gift for me and a letter explaining how much he loved me and how he wanted to get married and wanted me to have his kids. It was rather creepy and odd!

16. Another time, while a waitress, I had some flowers delivered to me at work with an anonymous note. I was flattered. But then it happened a week later, again. Then I started wondering. By the 3rd time it happened I thought maybe I had a stalker, and everyone who came into the restaurant was a potential stalker! I soon after found out it was a friend of mine who liked me. It’s a long funny story but that sums it up.

17. I wrote and self published (with dad’s help) my first book when I was 12.

18. When I went to high school (for a few weeks lol) I had a crush on this guy for a whole week. It was only at the end of the week that someone called out HER name….it was a girl!

19. When I was a Christian I prayed for Britney Spears, that she would find God…….need I say more lol.




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