How To Be A Skinny Bitch…

Summer is officially here now and bikini season has begun! And if you are anything like me or the rest of the women in this world, you are panicking because you’re scared to get into a bikini. You’re thinking, “I probably should have started working out in January!”

So you are in a panic and now looking for the quickest way to get into shape for…let’s see…Summer is 3 months long…so you want to get into shape for 3 months! Well, it’s possible but I do have many thoughts on this (I could and should write a book).

Although I do believe that many of the diet programs out there do work, even if temporary, I also believe that many of them are just cruel ways to make money. See, most of the programs out there know that people have a hard time sticking to one thing. You ask most woman and they will tell you they have and continue to bounce to the next best thing. It’s too hard and too much of a struggle to just make a lifestyle change. So we buy the shakes and kits that are pre-made for us and we try to lose weight the “easy way”. But then we realize it’s not so easy!

Not to long ago the Vi-Shape/Visalus/Body-by-Vi Challenge EXPLODED. It was all over Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Everyone was buying into it. Heck, I even looked into it. But then something strange happened not long after…people started selling the rest of their shakes. A lot of them said it just didn’t work for them. Others didn’t like the flavors. Others said it cost too much. Hmm, funny right?

These companies expect nothing less. They are there to help but they are also there to profit. Now, I am not putting them down. I know that these products work for the most part. But what you have to remember is that this is a 90-day-challenge. So many people start these 12 week programs in Spring so they will be in shape by Summer. But all winter long they/we do nothing. We eat, sit, drink, relax. I’m no expert but I’d say that cannot be healthy.

We don’t want to hear it but the best way and only permanent way to see results and KEEP the results is a lifestyle change. Eating properly and exercising. Now wait, wait, wait!!!! Don’t click the “X” just yet…I’m not done!! In saying this I do realize the challenge of eating right!  On top of trying to eat a healthy balanced diet, I also have to eat gluten free and stay on a budget. I try my damn hardest to eat precisely the way I should but it just costs way too much and most of the food goes bad before I can use it. It’s tough trying to find a healthy meal to feed 4 people and still have leftovers for the next day, meanwhile staying on budget. So if you want me to be honest here, I don’t follow programs or buy what I am “suppose to”. I just try to eat as clean and healthy as my wallet allows me to. This simply means limiting my intake of junk foods and staying away from the prepackaged stuff like sidekicks or Kraft dinner.

I do exercise but I don’t drink protein powder. I simply take my multivitamins, drink my water ( not 8 glasses tho…still working on that! But I do always have a glass of water sitting on the counter and whenever I so much as look at it, I drink!). And of course I stay away from gluten, which helps a lot because this means no donuts, cake, muffins, bread, etc. So my carb intake is low!

I think it’s just about doing what you can. Not looking a day ahead but rather always keeping focused on today. Meaning that instead of thinking, “Ugh, I gotta do this again tomorrow…and for the rest of my life.” think, “This is what I am going to conquer today!” That’s it, that’s all. Because I know from experience that looking too far ahead is overwhelming and has been the reason I have given up so many times. AND also, important, DO NOT look to those pictures of fitness models for inspiration. NO NO NO!!! I promise you they will only make it harder and you will want to quit well before you get anywhere close! These are people whose lives revolve around looking like they do. So don’t, just don’t. You’ll never have fun reaching your goals if they are your goals. You’ll stress out after three days and eat a tub of ice cream and feel like a failure. Getting in shape takes time, patience, and one step at a time! Don’t get ahead of yourself.

Now, in saying ALL of that…I am going to be a bit misguided here and tell you that IF it is just a few pounds you are looking to get rid of before summer, then you can always try a detox/colon cleanse. They are safe and healthy and usually help you lose between 5-10 pounds (not in a pleasant way mind you!). You can also try Insanity…those workouts will get you into shape FAST. And you can try to eat A LOT of fiber…again, not a pleasant way as you will be running to the bathroom a lot, but it works! A couple months ago I had a crazy flat stomach from eating a lot of fiber and working out 30 minutes a day.

Hope this all helped…like I said, I could write a book! I have been at this stuff for years and years.

Have a Happy Monday all!


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