I’m Not Crazy…I Just Need My Dose of Red!

See, I’m normal…all it took was a few glasses of red wine and I’m normal again! (Said the mother with small children.)

Today I was pleasantly surprised to find the boys had unwrapped a roll of toilet paper IN the bath. I was away for just a second grabbing a towel and they got quiet, so I rushed in to check on them and found the tub full of wet toilet paper. And for those of you who aren’t seeing the very amusing side of this story…wet toilet paper is NOT fun to clean up!

Lately I have found myself thinking I really should get a job! I think it would give me back a dose of my sanity. I love my kids, don’t get me wrong! But I think we are all going a little crazy with each other. I feel as though being at home with them when they were much smaller was a MUST. But now that they are getting older and have much more energy, I almost feel as though spending a few hours in daycare while mommy gets a part time job would be a good idea.

But I am torn because I will never get these years back. Soon they will be in school and I won’t see them as often as now. And then they will be independent. They will eventually ask me to leave them alone and they will want to spend time with their friends instead of their mother! Last night Ryver looked at me and smiled and said clear as day, “I love you mom!” It brought tears to my eyes! He said it on his own for the very first time. It’s moments like that where I am glad I don’t have a job holding me back.

But it certainly isn’t fun picking up wet toilet paper or wiping up shit or saying no about 200 times a day. Or watching them take fits or refusing to nap when I could clearly pass out I am so tired!

I love my boys. It’s a hard call deciding whether to stay at home or get a job. It takes patience to stay home. It’s not about watching hours of TV and sipping on a bottle of wine. NO siree!! The only time I manage to kick up my feet is when I have to kick a toy out of my way.

So, fellow stay at home mommies, I feel ya!


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