If You Got a Second Chance at Life…

So you are driving your car down the interstate (or in Canada the Trans Canada Highway lol) and out of no where a Moose jumps in front of your car and the whole mess leaves you inches away from being buried in a casket. You manage to get out with a few minor scrapes and bumps, but you are pretty shaken up. Then as the adrenaline dies down you realize, “I could have died.”

So you’ve been given a second chance at life. All of a sudden your eyes open up to a whole bigger world. One that you have not seen because the pile of bills and broken relationships have been blocking your view. You think of your family, the ones you love, your kids, maybe your grand kids. You think of everything that matters that you almost just had to leave behind. And now you ask yourself, “What will I do with this second chance?”

We seem to think that second chances only come to those with near death experiences but we seem to forget that every day we rise with the sun is a second chance as well. You survived the day before. You did not get into any car accidents, you did not get a killer virus and die, you didn’t get hit by another car or find out you have a terminal disease. No, you have just woken with the sun and you have been given this day, another chance, to live! So what does it mean to you?

I thought about it, I thought, “what if today I found out I was going to die. That I did not have much time left to live?” I though about my kids, my boyfriend, my friends, my family. All of a sudden a flood of new ideas rushed into my mind. Everyday I check Facebook (about ten times), I drink coffee, I do laundry, I watch TV. It is almost as if my brain is negligent to the idea that I could die. That death is real and it happens, to everyone, on a daily basis. But when I think about what it means to live, when I think about how my life could be cut short any day, life opens before my eyes and I see things I was blind to!

So I decided to write a list, not necessarily in order of sequence, of what I would do if I was given a second chance (which, as mentioned, is every new day. So essentially these are things I would and need to do as of now.)

1. Paint my fingernails and toenails everyday. Experiment with new colors. Sounds crazy but colors brighten everything up!

2. I would workout everyday. Not because I want to lose weight but because I am grateful for this mobile body and I want to show my gratitude.

3. I would spend a hell of a lot more time in the presence of people rather than on Facebook getting to know them. I don’t care if they don’t have time for me, I’d make time for them.

4. I would watch my boys make messes, pee on the couch, jump on the bed, smash together pots and pans, help me do dishes while getting soapy water everywhere, have water fights in the bath…and I would NEVER shake my head or get mad. Because these moments are the MOST precious thing I have. And getting upset with my children for stupid things is not how I want them to remember growing up.

5. I’d dance. I don’t care who the hell sees me or how crazy I look, if a good song comes on, I’d dance the hell outta it!

6. Whistle, Laugh, Sing. All these things brighten my mood instantly. So I would do them often!

7. Know where to lie my emotions. I’d let go of stupid grudges, stop being jealous of what others have that I don’t, and save my anger for better things than when someone cuts me off in traffic.

8. I would remind myself that bills and money are just numbers on a paper, they should not determine how I live my entire life, nor should they stress me out. I have got so much to be thankful for, I don’t need numbers blinding me.

9. I would be more grateful for everything I have right now. Remind myself that I have a roof over my head, food to eat, and a great family so I am not alone. It is so easy to see everything negative in life, so that is one thing I would change.

10. Art. All kinds. I would paint, I would cook, I would get more and more involved with theater. To me, when I think about life I think of it as this giant canvas we are all gifted with at birth and as each day of our lives passes we have this opportunity to just paint colors. Life is colorful, or it should be. You & I should never even wish to have a black canvas with nothing on it.

It is so easy to be drawn in to everything bad in this world. We are faced with it everyday. The news, the drama, the bills, the broken hearts, the negativity is like a giant domino effect. To have the chance to live, to breath…I’d just…live. No rules, no bad drama, no negative shit, nothing to keep me down. I’d smile (like my mother and so many other important people in my life have told me to do). I’d take advantage of this one shot I’ve got down here and I’d paint the hell outta my canvas!

Now, what would YOU do? (Feel free to leave your comments!)


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