You Are What You Eat…

I’m sure that I have written about this before but it’s a reoccurring subject it seems.

About a year ago I was having ovarian pain, bloating, cramping, etc (many other symptoms as well like depression and mood swings..) and so I went to the doctor about it and he told me it was probably just because I’d given birth 4 months prior. I went home and after about a day I decided I was not going to live with this pain anymore. I googled it and came across Celiac Disease. It had many of the symptoms I had, so I decided to go a couple weeks without gluten and VOILA, all the symptoms disappeared. Now a year later, come to find out, my little brother was tested positive for celiac disease, so it does run in the family.

Now, there’s another problem I have had over the course of the last 9 months or so. I have been to the doctor and he didn’t have much to say about it. I recently went for a mammogram just to be safe though. I’ve has this pain in and around the right breast area. Just pain, nothing else…no other bizarre symptoms. But it’s been a nagging pain and cause more stress in my life than you can imagine. Well, I thought maybe it might be fibrocysitic breast disease, which is a benign thing. It’s not life threatening. I gave up caffeine and started taking vitamin E capsules to see if it would help, but it didn’t. Then after much research I came across an article online that mentioned some women complaining that dairy caused breast pain. I recently decided to give up dairy (this is in all forms…it’s even in chips!) and after 3 days the pain has subsided so much that I am now thinking dairy is the cause of this all along.

I hear and see people getting angry at their doctors and placing the blame on them. Thing is, I’m guessing a high percentage of ER patients are simply on the wrong diet or eating too much of the wrong foods. I would go as far as to say that what we consume is the leading cause of most common problems. Everything from colds to chest pains. Also, stress plays a HUGE factor in health and can also cause many physical problems. And the internet, playing it safe, always advises us to check in with our doctors for anything out of the ordinary. I’m no professional but I would advise checking in with your diet first!


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