Why Wait?

So last night I watched an episode of 2 Broke Girls where Sophie (one of the characters) runs a cleaning business and she’s using the money to save for a house she wants to build herself in Polland.

At the end of the episode Max and Caroline are invited up to Sophie’s apartment where there is a fancy porch swing hanging. Sophie goes on to tell them it’s for her house in Polland someday but why wait?

It got me thinking about how true that is. How many people have big dreams but don’t take any big steps until they get there.

Awhile after Lewis was born I decided I wanted to lose my baby weight (in my belly) and so I started working out. I refused to wear any fitted clothes though and I stayed in sport bras for awhile because I figured I would just buy a bunch of new stuff once the weight was gone. And currently I am in a house that needs a lot of renovating so I refuse to paint or decorate because I figure once it is renovated I will just do everything then.

But why wait? Why not start step by step?

You can look nice while you try to lose weight and your house can look great while you save the money to renovate. Waiting so long to take steps towards your dreams and your goals can sometimes make them feel unattainable. So add little things, do little things, and instead of reaching for those stars hoping once day you will grasp onto one, use the stairs and eventually you will get there! 🙂


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