What’s Normal? Normal Is…

Normal is…something that doesn’t stand out.

Normal is…something we’ve seen multiple times.

Normal is…something familiar.

Normal is, as they say…just a setting on the dryer.

But what about the other settings? Delicate, for example? Everyone knows that if you are drying lingerie or nylons or little g-strings, you are suppose to put them on the delicate setting. If you set them to normal they may wear out quicker. They have their own “delicate” setting.

Some people want to just “be normal” or they are told, “Why can’t you just be normal?” Well, normal is boring. Normal is like seeing a movie a handful of times instead of seeing something new. Normal is like eating the same meal every night of the week. Normal is like…another word for “comfortable”.

We rarely remember anything “normal”. The Northern lights, not really normal…thus, we remember them. We simply remember things and people that are unique, things and people who stand out from the rest.

Normal is boring.


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