Sweeten & Spice (And Everything Nice) Tonight! (PG-18)

A couple of things before I start:

1. This blog content is aimed at couples who feel their sex life has run out of sugar & spice & everything nice lately. It is not directed at young couples who have sex five times a day and still haven’t had enough of each other. I mean, if the advice here helps, then great. But it’s aimed at people who NEED to spice it up a bit, or a lot!

2. I strongly urge everyone to take note that this is adult content. In no way whatsoever am I encouraging underage sex or anything of the sort. I am simply trying to help those who are desperately seeking some sexual advice that works. If this blog helps I will be so glad, if not then I am sorry, I tried.

With all that said, let’s get started.

So, you and your other half have lost that special touch in the bedroom have ya? Maybe you got married and it dulled a bit over time. Then you had kids, bought a house, started racking up bills…now it’s like sex is the last thing on your mind (but maybe the first thing on his!) and you are desperate to get back to a time when sex was the best free thing available!

I am aiming this more so at women, so don’t feel awkward if I start talking way too estrogen here. But the first thing you need to do before anything else is to get comfortable in your skin. I don’t care if that means standing naked in front of the mirror or taking an exotic bubble bath by yourself. You NEED to be able to think, feel, and know you are damn sexy before you can let anyone else think it. Yes, it helps when he tells you how hot you are. But you need to see it for yourself. Thing is, if you believe it then others will too. So find a way to get comfortable in your skin. Here’s a couple ideas, and again, it’s PG…or X rated 😉 Don’t let the kids read over your shoulder!

One thing you could do, and this is something I heard years ago on Playboy radio (don’t judge!) is to explore your body when you are alone. Lock yourself in a room and just explore. Touch different areas to see how it feels, look at yourself naked in front of a mirror, and let every inch of yourself sink in until you feel great and comfortable to maybe move onto the next idea…

If you have lingerie (if you don’t then you can find great stuff on eBay that ships quickly from China for the full cost of $5, so no excuses!) I encourage you to slip into something sexy, dim the lights a bit and take some pictures of yourself posing sexy, whatever that might mean to you. One great site you can use if you have a webcam nearby is: http://www.pixect.com. You can have all kinds of fun with different style pics there and the timers give you enough time to pose in time.

Now, let’s say you are getting more comforable with your body (this could take hours or days or weeks depending on you), now what? Well, now it’s time to have some fun in the bedroom! But wait…before I go any further, let me talk to you about also spicing up your room into a “sex room”. It’s a bedroom at dawn and a sex room at dusk. You can add a UV black bulb which is under $5, if you have the money and the means you can add a pole or a sex swing, and always make sure to have a few sexy outfits that both you and your partner love, but more so choose the ones that make you feel like Ohh La La!

However, if you are a little bit limited regarding the decorating, then here’s what you can do. When the kids are in bed (assuming you might have kids), go to your bedroom (tell your bf/hubby to wait in another room) and get yourself set up. Know what you are in the mood for, fast pace or slow. If it’s slow and steady then I encourage you to break out some candles, turn off the lights, play some slow erotic music (which you can find lots of on YouTube by searching for “sex music”), and when everything is ready you can call your man back into the room and let him find you lying on the bed, sexy and ready! (Just make sure you don’t knock over any candles, that could be dangerous and very unsexy!)

If you are in the mood for fast, however, I suggest no candles. Instead go to YouTube and search “Strobe Light”. You can find 10 minute length strobe lights which you just maximize on your computer screen (assuming you have a laptop nearby!) and then on another tab/window go back to YouTube (I’m starting to sound a little YouTube crazy here, I know. But it’s free!) and try and find sex music that is more upbeat, like techno. I suggest maybe ‘Katrina-Sex Machine (mix)’ or something like that. You might want to try and look around for longer length videos too, just in case you guys last longer than planned!

This is where I’ll end…for now….I have many more things to share but I don’t want to overdo it here. You can find other things as well, like chocolates and strawberries or whipped cream. You can play sex games until it leads to sex. But these methods are quick and sometimes when you have kids and work and you’re up late, you really don’t want to spend much time on this. So have it prepared and even when your mind is giving you excuses, at LEAST give it a try. I promise you, this is where the first of many steps to a great journey begins!

P.S. A little wine never hurt either 😉

Till next time,



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