I look back on my life and I can honestly say that my most humble moments were when I didn’t have a lot of things. When I lived in BC my family and I were living in a bus turned camper up on a mountain/campground. I had one box of personal keepsakes and one drawer for clothes, books, etc. But I was happy. I gave more, even though I didn’t have much to give. I wrote a book called “Dear Abba” (which is on a floppy disk so I doubt anyone will ever see it published!), and I spent some one on one time with my bro which now I can’t do since we’re so far away from each other. But I was happy and I have happy memories of that year.

When Mike and I moved into this house that we’re in now it was rushed, but we saw the positive in it. We planned on flipping it but knew that given both our pasts and some of the places we had lived in before, we could live in this little imperfect house for awhile before we flipped it. We had hopes for this place and were excited to move in.

But over time, as we all know, when you surround yourself with something or someone for a long period of time, you begin finding flaws. It’s been a year now and I have found many flaws with this house, specifically the bugs I have encountered! We all know Tanya Jory HATES bugs!

But then yesterday I watched a one hour program called The Happiness Advantage and the guy made some strong points and gave 5 different assignments to try to achieve happiness in just 21 days, because you can reprogram your brain in that amount of time or less. So I decided to go ahead and see what the fuss was all about.

Yesterday I started by writing down 3 things I was grateful for within a 24-hour period and I put it in an envelope. I will do the same today and thus for 21 days. But today I have found that I am now looking for things to be grateful for so I can write them down later. For instance, the boys helped me with dishes today, which is usually a disaster, but today I watched as they enjoyed helping me and it put a smile on my face. I also received an e-mail from a friend which put a smile on my face as I drank my morning coffee and wrote her back.

Then as I cleaned the house and looked at all the flaws, I thought, “They aren’t that bad.” Sure, my carpet is ripped in a few placed and has dog hair I can’t seem to get out. The floors are coming undone in some spots, and the walls do have a few holes we’ve had to fill in and now look funny. No, my place doesn’t look like it’s filled with Martha Stewart ideas…it looks more like Larry the Cable Guy designed it for us! But my boys are happy, they are healthy, and my relationship with my other half 🙂 is pretty good. We have much debt and we’ve had to cut back on a lot lately, but the things that make me happy are free. My Boys, Friendships, Health, Happiness, Coffee (yes!), occasional wine, Sex (hey, it’s free!).

I recall a couple whom lived like this at one time and I admired them so much! They aren’t so much walking that path anymore, but I think when you’re low on cash and things, you begin to find those things in life that make you happy and usually they are the small things. Like Coffee 🙂

There is a quote: “Success does not being happiness, Happiness brings success.” and I could not agree more.

If you have managed to get through this entire blog and would like to know those 5 Habits To Happiness in 21 days, gimme a shout, comment, e-mail, Facebook post, and I’ll share with ya!

Till next time,



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One Response to Happiness.

  1. Tim says:

    Hey Tanya,

    I really enjoy reading your blog. You and your family remind me of mine from about 15 years ago (yeah, I’m old….lol). We started our family when we were really young and had a lot to learn. We struggled financially for several years, but I can’t stress enough that it gets easier. I’m not sure whether it gets easier because you get used to it, or if it actually gets easier, but either way you learn what works and what doesn’t work. When we were at our lowest points we always said “if we can get through this, then we can get through anything” and that sentiment is still with us. When we are having a rough patch now, we always end up looking back and saying “We got through that rough patch years ago…. this should be easy”. We didn’t really talk much this summer, but I think we have a lot in common. I was not in a great mood this morning and then I read this story and it helped me to re-frame my situation. http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/News/Local/2012-10-28/article-3108336/Special-trip-to-Peru-overwhelms-kind-hearted-Charlottetown-man/1 . Keep up with the writing!


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