Meaning Of Life…In My Perspective…

First off, I want to say I am not impressed with my blog lately as it won’t let me post pictures in proportion as it used to. I guess something changed and to keep it stress free I have to post the picture at the bottom. It is rather annoying but I will proceed!

So, as life would have it, things have been changing in my life a lot this year! I won’t get into details but 2012 has been the year I’ve had to sit back and visualize life, my life, and all the little details of it. Questions like, what’s my life plan? and Am I happy?

I tried going on Google to find one sole image or quote that explained a very positive view of the all-over meaning of life. There are lots of good finds but then I realized there isn’t just one answer and that’s because we all have different answers. It doesn’t make any of them true or not true, it simply states our own views on how we see life. So I would like to share some of my views on my perspective on my life and it’s meaning.

First, I believe it’s so crucial to be happy. And not to just be happy with stuff, but with everything. To find the good in the bad. To take every day one step at a time. And as of recently, to look for all the things I am grateful for in a 24 hour period. I believe [now] happiness can be found by simply reprogramming the brain to focus on positive things and leave behind anything that isn’t positive. After all, the brain can only hold so much memory, like a computer, so I must choose what it stores up there and I choose to keep the happy thoughts because they fuel my day!

Secondly, the people we choose to let into our lives, the people we choose to walk with/behind/in front of. The people we choose to love and the ones we let love us back. No one likes to go on a journey alone as it can get pretty lonely after awhile. So I believe having good people by your side and good examples to follow are also very important!

I think Greed and money go hand in hand and I think they are one of the TOP reasons life loses it’s quality. Greed, money, & power are the keys to losing everything that really matters and they cause us to lose focus the same way a drunk man loses his keys. I think it’s important to stay humble and to understand that every path is different and every person is different and just because we don’t all share the same views or walk the same path doesn’t mean we can’t unite and live in harmony.

Food! I believe food is important! As is wine 😉 But food is an art and it’s something that brings unity and harmony and brings people together. Not only at holidays but on any occasion. I used to go to church and sit through an entire sermon because there was a potluck afterwards. Food is very powerful! It is a road that can lead to beautiful friendships and start fantastic traditions. I could go on and on but I think we all get the point! Moderation is key as is quality. But enjoy food! Just because Jennifer Anniston weighs 90 lbs wet doesn’t mean we have to ban food from our lives! If you want a bite of that cupcake, take a damn bite!

When I decided to walk away from religion I felt a little lost, as I have been religious my whole life. So I began searching and trying to find an answer, something that made sense to me. After a long MSN (remember those days before Facebook!) conversation with a friend I realized that it all boils down to love. Loving others, loving ourselves, and welcoming love. Loving what we have, loving everything around us. Because if we can do that, if we can love and be loved, it all comes back to being happy and like I said, happiness is the fuel to my life!

There are so many other things, I could go on and on. I see life as this giant canvas that some of us choose to paint carefully whereas some of us choose to fingerpaint or even just throw paint on the canvas and rub it around until we have a spectacular ambiance of colors that awaken our souls! Life is not just one things, it’s many things to many people. But what I am learning for myself this year (as it comes to an end) is that I have the ability to put my life together the way I want to. And this year has given me so many reasons to just be happy with all that I have. Great friends, great kids, a great boyfriend, and NOTHING beats the day I found out my mammogram was clear! 🙂 So many reasons to put the shitty stuff aside and keep a smile not only on my face but in my heart. That’s what life means to me…at least this year 😉


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