Merry F&%$#@! Christmas!

Before you go ahead and think, “Oh my, someone has lost the Christmas Spirit already!”…I just want to point out that I’m using the “F” word wisely in this post, as it stands for “Frugal” (count the letters).

Last year we weren’t able to go all out on Christmas so I decided to go ahead and go as frugal, as cheap, and as free as I could. It didn’t go exactly as I had hoped but I got some wicked good deals after spending a few days looking around online.

This year I decided to go ALL out and try to make gifts for the boys. I came across some brilliant ideas and would like to share them since not everyone has Pinterest! This is all, of course, for those moms/parents out there with young kids who don’t care if they get a box or a used toy. For those people who are happy with a small gidt that they know you didn’t have to pay for. Just throwing out ideas here!

1. Cardboard Boxes

So here is a link to a site where you can find a bunch of ideas for uses with cardboard boxes (for kids). Everything from forts, to playhouses, to cars, to mazes!

Cardboard Fun!

2. Homemade Gifts For Kids

Some of these require a bit of money to be spent in order to make the project but it’s still a lot of fun!

Homemade Gifts for Kids

3. Kid Stuff

This is the link to my Pinterest board “Kid Stuff”. I have a few different cute ideas there as well!

Fun For The Kids!

This year I also posted an AD on my local buy/sell/trade sites asking parents if they’d like to donate any toys to my kids. Anything, could even be missing pieces or a little broken. I know this sounds very cheap but a lot of things can be re-polished or fixed up and to tell you the truth my boys aren’t going to care as long as it is a toy they have never seen before. I am lucky that they are still at that age! I just posted that AD today and already had one gentleman tell me he had some toys he could donate to them. So that is also an idea if you can find a local buy/sell and don’t mind traveling to get the stuff!

Another thing I did last year, because I collect points anyway I can, is I cashed in on our Pampers points and Airmiles and got free stuff that way. I also went to VistaPrint as they have many free things and all you have to pay for is the shipping. There’s a few other sites I found free stuff on. Like hats, clothes, calendars. If you look, it’s there.

I also always try to find alternatives. So while kids are now getting leapPads or Tablets of sorts, I know my kids are young enough to enjoy the old school Gameboys. EBay is a GREAT source for that stuff. My boys are also INDULGED with SpongeBob and I found a number of SpongeBob items on eBay that were $5 or under and inc. shipping costs. So it’s all about checking things out, seeing what’s around and what you can afford. I am lucky that in PEI people are pretty generous too, means my kids will get a great Christmas this year even if they aren’t getting all the new toys.


The holidays are also a time for family to get together and eat and drink. Try and look for discounted items at the supermarket, liquor on sale, and frozen foods that will keep. Another option (my fave) is a potluck. Everyone can bring something. This saves you having to cook up a storm, it adds variety, and people always love to feel included. They can make something or pick something up…and this way they can also choose the foods they love and share them.

Hope I was some sorta help!

That’s all I got for now!

I leave you with this cute idea for homemade stockings made from an old sweater!


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