Hot & Sexy

It is amazing what the mind thinks when it sees certain pictures or things. When I see the picture on the left I think, “I aspire to look like that someday!” But truth is, they are Victoria Secret models, this is their job, their life. They dedicate themselves to looking so good and probably have access to many things we don’t or can’t afford…like personal trainers! But when I look at that picture I almost study it! Whereas, the one on the right doesn’t faze me at all. I see that all the time and because it’s reality, I don’t even bother looking at the picture twice. Why is that?

See, there is a difference between Hot and Sexy. Hot is what you see in picture #1. Five attractive women who seem to have the body we all long for. Tall, slender, tight abs, beautiful hair, perfect teeth and smiles, perfect boobs, and perfectly tanned skin. It’s hot and woman to woman you can’t deny it! We see it on TV, magazines, and internet because that’s what we aspire to look like. Most of us would kill for perfect bodies like that!
But at the end of the day that’s all it is, it’s a hot body.

Sexy is more like picture #2 because sexy goes far beyond everything listed above. In fact, sexy is more about what blossoms from the inside out. When I think if sexy I think of Marilyn Monroe. I think of a woman who, with all her physical faux pas, can walk into a room naked with her head and shoulders held high. A woman who not just is sexy but feels sexy. A woman who can say, “This is me, this is my body, and I love it!” Even if some days she hates it, sexy comes with a sense of pride.

Yes, we all would love to look like the Angels in picture #1. We’d all love to have perky breasts and rock any bikini we want. But for most of us, we’ll never never get there. Food should not feel like a guilty pleasure (unless of course you are over0-indulging in it!). We should not feel the need to pass up a great dessert or count calories on every meal.

Don’t do what you think is going to make you beautiful, do what you need to do to feel beautiful, to feel sexy. Don’t try to build yourself into something you’re not. You’re living in the skin you’re in, so work with it and make it work. Confidence is sexy!


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