Life is a Frame…









There are many theories about what life is or what the meaning of life is…here’s my perspective and two cents…

When I was a Christian during my teen years, I thought the meaning of life was about God. About bringing people to God and personally bringing myself to Him and following the ways of Christianity. I thought that in doing so, the end would mean going to Heaven for eternity.

I ended up leaving Christianity and I started searching for what the meaning was…because after leaving something you believed for so long, you start to feel like a lost sheep. I soon discovered that for me the meaning of life and everything was simply love. To love others, to love myself, and to love life.

After that I began writing a book called, “Search For God” and I asked my friends and strangers to e-mail me (long or short) what their version of life, here and after, was. I read some incredible things and it made me really think, is there just one truth? These people all came from a good place with good hearts, some believed nothing at all. But everyone had something to share. The book was never finished but it was great material to read!

This year has been a rough year for me and my family, as it has been for a lot of people. We bought our first house last December and there was much debt that came along with buying this place. So it’s been a lot of having to decide what matters most. In Summer I was given some of the best news, that my mammogram came back clear 🙂 HAPPPYYY. But sometimes the stress of money and everything can weigh a person down, even after having heard such great news.

Well, one night I was putting Ryver to bed and I looked at this little three year olds face, and I realized how happy he makes me. How meaningless life would be without him (and his brother of course!). And I started weighing in on all the great things I have in my life. I mean, sometimes watching others succeed while you fall behind…it can be even more weight and make ya miserable! And then I thought about how life is a canvas and you can paint whatever you want on it, right? That each person is given a canvas and what we paint/draw on it is our choice. Then I thought about the frame that goes around the canvas and I thought, maybe life is a frame. Life is merely the frame and what goes into that frame is our choice. Our journey, our experiences, our memories, our thoughts…it all goes into this frame.

In my years so far I have learned that not everyone is the same. Not everyone believes the same. Not everyone goes on the same journey with the same memories and experiences. But we all hold the frames to our own lives.

I thought it would be neat one day to hang a giant frame in my living room surrounded with other frames around it. In the frames around it I would pin memories and pictures and things that I want to look back on everyday. In the big frame…leave it empty so that I can always remind myself how uncomplicated life is. How this is my frame, my life, my choices.




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