It’s Not Going To Stop ‘Til We Wise Up!

praying_man_sunset-300x300We call it mental illness. Maybe. Maybe not.

Here is a theory….

Good news doesn’t sell. This is why when you turn on the news stations on TV you are blasted with house fires, police shooting, sickness, poverty, lying politicians, wars, gunmen out of control, etc. Sure, once in a while we hear some good stories like a police officer giving a homeless man a pair of boots. But the good stuff gets overlooked and our minds are now filled with horror stories that not only leave us wondering why we live in such a messed up world but they also leave us living in fear, what’s next?

Everyday most of us open our mail only to see that we’re in debt. Companies are sending us new bills all the time and old bills are left unpaid. GIfts are always waiting to be bought because on top of birthdays and anniversaries, there’s a holiday around every corner. And we often dig ourselves into debt, not only gift giving but also buying things we just don’t need…and we wind up leaving a huge hole in our wallets which soon leaves a huge hole in our hearts and we feel tied down.

Help also doesn’t come easy these days. We’re all so scared to be walked upon that we’re very careful how we offer our help to others. We don’t knock on our neighbors door and offer to bring in their firewood. We don’t babysit for free so the couple next door can get out for a few hours. We don’t give money to random strangers. We walk by homeless people without giving a thought to their stories.

But we’re quick to judge. We’re very quick to gossip. And when there is a horrible story…it floods our homes through internet, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. Everyone talks about it. Rarely do we ever do anything about it….but we talk about it.

Sure, there are people out there who are mentally ill and they need help and guidance. But have we ever stopped and looked around us, have we ever noticed that we don’t live in a cruel world…we help make it that way most of the time. We eat what we’re fed so to speak. And the pressure starts building and some people are a lot stronger than others and handle it. Some look for the flowers among the weeds. Some appreciate all the good they have. While others simply just can’t take the heat, and some of those people are categorized as “mentally ill” when in reality they are just burdened and overwhelmed with all the negativity we’ve created. Does it make their actions right then when they take that negativity out on others? Nope, not at all. But what I am implying is that maybe there would not be so many “mentally ill” people on earth if the we made the earth a more beautiful place to be. Stopped focusing on the bad, or the end of the world. Stopped pushing our religious or otherwise beliefs on others. Stopped making people into who we want them to be. Stopped giving in to all the bad news. If we just put our cell phones away for a few hours and went out to do some good. But instead we’ve become a society that would rather live in our own bubbles and just ignore what is going on.

I spent the majority of my teen years as a baptized Christian. I walked away from religion when I was in my early 20’s. And although I have no interest in becoming a part of a church again or reading the bible (oddly also full of war stories and murderers and etc), I do appreciate that at least when people believe in a supernatural good being, they have hope and they try to stay positive. Sometimes (I use the word lightly) they even go out and try to make a difference.

Point is, until we (and I put myself in this category as well because I’m not perfect….almost but not quite lol)try to make a positive change and start focusing on all the good around us instead of the bad, there will continue to be more negative drama and more negative events and people and news. It’s not going to stop till we wise up.

I caught myself earlier today feeling sorry for myself because of a conversation I was having with someone. It felt like, “why does the grass get to be so green on their side of the fence while mine is so…” and then I stopped myself. This is what I mean. It’s the thought pattern that even I have come to adapt. Always looking at the negative instead of celebrating the positive.

It’s not too late to take the world by the balls and make a change. Yeah, there will always be heartbreak and bad news, but imagine if the bad news was only a small percent and the good news completely took over?

I dunno, just a late night thought I guess.



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6 Responses to It’s Not Going To Stop ‘Til We Wise Up!

  1. The world made better sense to me too when I believed in God. Everything was black or white, up and down. Then I had to question It and see through the veil. Why do we look for despair when we can just focus on make believe? I loved Santa until I saw the fake beard. Christmas was so fun when we were all eyes and we hadnt yet become intellectual fools. The simpler we are, the happier we are. But how stop thinking? We are now children of unbelievers and we want to govern space, time, and fashion our own happiness by shinning our shallow talents and looks to others to make them jealous… Well, again, it would be easier if I let it go.

    Thanks for your piece of mind. Beauty is in the question, answers are for nought.

    • Daniel, thank you for the feedback! You make a very good point. I do recall being a happier person when I believed in God. And I, too, looked through the veil and saw things differently and stopped following. Maybe the whole taking a bite of the fruit makes sense after all.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Definitely something to think about!

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  3. cooldude1149 says:

    Death row, is what he deserves.

    • Well he ended his own life right after ending theirs. I think he knew his future if he chose to live. But it’s sad, if he wanted his life to end he never should have involved all those innocent people.
      Guys like this do horrible things because they want to be remembered. 😦 Instead of death row we should just forget about him all together and remember all those poor children and teachers who died. It’s all very sad!

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