Living Inside your Head

Many people wonder the same thing about others, “What are they thinking?” It’s an age old question. It’s why the #1 fear is Public Speaking. We’re afraid of what others are thinking….specifically, what they are thinking of us.

That fear can prevent us from so many opportunities and many of life’s challenges that help us grow and become better people.

Social media is a fantastic outlet. One that has allowed us all to become the people we’d like to be, but aren’t %100 of the time. Let’s face it, many of us don’t share the “nasty” moments. We don’t post about how we yelled at our kids, flipped our bosses behind their back, had a fight with the spouse, or our many daily frustrations like how we burnt dinner or our paychecks weren’t as big as we’d hoped this week.

No, social media allows us to present our best selves. You know, the Selfies, for instance. Our best shots. Those pix we think we look damn good in. The best of the best. We can post motivating quotes which we never actually put into practice, we just want more “likes” on our stuff.

It’s not real, not all of it anyways. Which is a damn shame since many of us will grow old and die without our 500 Facebook friends really knowing who we are.

So what the hell does any of this have to do with living inside our heads. Well, we all have voices in there. Not the crazy voices that tell us to run naked down the street (or maybe you do…I don’t wanna know!), but rather the voices that belittle and bully…you.
You’re a bad mom, you’ll never get that job, you’re not thin enough, you’re too thin, your new friend doesn’t really like you, you smile too much, you don’t smile enough, your teeth aren’t white enough, those extra 2lbs make you less of a person, ect. Those voices.

Living inside your head is something we don’t talk about on social media because we want people to like us. But in order to be liked, sometimes you have to be understood.

Without bringing up any names, there’s this girl on my Facebook who seems to have the perfect life. Great job, great kids, great husband, great home, great family, great health, extremely fit, … seems to have it all. Then one day she posts on her status and I’ll always remember because she shared some stuff about herself that was outside day-to-day life on Facebook. It made me think, “Ah, she IS  a real person!”

There is SO much we don’t know about each other. And everyday that stress of keeping it in and trying to paint ourselves picture perfect on social media or to friends, family, the lady at the post office, ect. takes a little bit more out of us. If only we all really knew what the voices in all of our heads were saying to us, we’d realize that perfection ceases to exist and we’re all messed up 😛 And then maybe, just maybe, those voices would cease to haunt us anymore because for once we’d simply be okay and accepting of our quirky flaws that make us different and yet all the same.


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