Call Me a Selfish Prude….

May 11th-

As Mother’s Day 2015 wraps up, I would like to share this years experience.
I am a mother of 2 boys, ages (currently) 4 & 5. The last 5 years of my life have changed drastically. I no longer sleep for an uninterrupted 8 hours a night, I usually have to share what’s on my plate, and my home does not EVER stay clean for more than one hour unless no one is in it.

Motherhood has changed me as well. I can no longer do jumping jacks without feeling the sudden urge to pee a little, my boobs are no longer nice and perky, I no longer wear white unless I am feeling daring, and I love with a love so deeply it’s hard to believe it exists. Cause I’m a mom.

Mother’s Day is also bittersweet for me as well because I lost my mother to breast cancer years ago. It was unfortunate, it didn’t run in the family, but for some unknown reason she got it and didn’t make it. So Mother’s Day (my eyes swell even as I write this) is both enlightening and disheartening for me.

I’m part of many mommy groups online, mostly on Facebook, and on Mother’s Day I saw and heard a lot of mom’s complaining about how they were dissatisfied with the outcome of their day and lack of appreciation from their spouse and friends, ect.
I get that most of us have been brought up to try and avoid being selfish, but I do believe there are some days it’s okay to feel like you deserve a little extra. Mother’s Day isn’t just about telling your mom how grateful you are for her, it’s also a day for you to celebrate your mom friends and for them to celebrate you. Mothers are kind of united and we need to feel like we’re doing a good job, and its nice to be told we are by lots of people at least once a year!

So to wrap this up, I’m saying, don’t feel bad for feeling selfish on Mother’s day. You earned it. You’re allowed to put yourself first, it’s not a bad thing. Love yourself, know you are worth more, and celebrate that!

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